Corona und Overlanding

Wir sind ja glücklich wieder in Deutschland mit unserem Carthago, aber natürlich emotional noch bei unseren Freunden, die in Süd- und Mittelamerika unterwegs sind. Im Moment befindet sich zwar Deutschland in einer sehr schwierigen Situation und wir verstehen diese Idioten nicht, die immer noch in Massen herumsitzen und feiern als sei nie etwas gewesen, aber Deutschland scheint relativ gesehen gut gewappnet zu sein. Insofern happy to be here.

Gerade lesen wir in der Panamerican Travelers Facebook Gruppe einen schockierenden Beitrag, den wir hier vorstellen wollen. Um es klar zu sagen: Die Reaktion der Leute hat nichts, aber auch gar nichts mit Rassismus zu tun! Es geht um die pure Angst ums eigene Leben. Für Overlander ist es trotzdem eine extrem schwierige Situation. Wir drücken jedem der noch unterwegs ist die Daumen, dass die Situation sich bald bessert. So wie vor Corona wird es wohl auf Jahre hinaus nicht mehr werden. Die Welt der Overlander hat sich für sehr lange Zeit verändert.

Paso Jama Argentina Chile
Paso Jama Argentina Chile
Paso Jama Argentina Chile
Paso Jama Argentina Chile
Nasca Nazca Linien Peru
Nasca Nazca Linien Peru
Cartagena Kolumbien - Cartagena Colombia
Cartagena Kolumbien – Cartagena Colombia
Aguas Dulces Uruguay
Aguas Dulces Uruguay

So, nun der Post auf Facebook, in Englisch um den Text nicht durch Übersetzung zu verfälschen.


Borders to Argentina are now closed.

So are borders to Uruguay and Chile.

National parks, closed.

Starting from tomorrow at midnight all circulation will be FROZEN.

It means you won’t drive anymore.

You have 1 day to decide where you want to be: pick wisely.

The provinces are already isolated.

You can’t, right now, change province.

Most buses and collectivos are cancelled.

No ferries, no boats.

If you are inside a town, better not to get out as you won’t be allowed back in as towns are being isolated and only residents are allowed to come back home.
You MAY be allowed to go if you show a flight ticket but there is no guarantee and the law is quite confused about it… IF you have your vehicle. As backpacker, hard because of the buses shut down.

Campings are being shut down.

Hotels won’t allow foreigners in smaller realities, while in bigger or more touristic cities there may be one dedicated to quarantine foreigners.

We overlanders are totally abandoned to ourselves.

Yesterday even the police admitted that quarantine will be for EVERYONE (not anymore only foreigners who just entered) but they don’t know where to place us.

Bigger, more touristic cities may have a more organized option (we know they dedicated a hotel only for tourists in quarantine in Puerto Madryn), but if like us you are in a small city like Trelew with only other 5 travellers, good luck.
In Buenos Aires hotels are FOR foreigners.

We contacted a local tv and explained our situation to get attention and focus also for the homeless and travellers like us, and only then we got a guy from public security who came to speak with us and is now trying to find a place for us (still no answer), but the tv came and with due precautions we got interviewed and will be aired tomorrow.

All roads in Argentina have roadblocks. Everyone who notices a foreign plate have to report it. We got reported 5 times only today.

Police will come, check on you, your passport and bring you to the nearest hospital.

Please INSIST they keep 1 metre distance.

You’ll be checked by a doctor in hospital and IF asyntomathic you will be given a CERTIFICATE that you’ll have to show every time the police comes and checks you again.

It states you were checked and are in good health.

Some friends have been forced to get out of cities, to others they refused to sell food, some people are getting mental as soon as they see a foreign plate so watch out.

Others tried to go to isolate in a deserted beach, well apparently it’s not okay because they got moved by police as well.

But no one can tell where we shall go.

Again, from tomorrow is quarantine, for now it’s for a week, so stock up on food, propane, recharge your phones, be ready.

Lenght of the quarantine may be extended if your province has many cases (in our we still have zero).

Comply with the restrictions given, no need to argue; you don’t have a choice anyway.

But insist you need help, be sure you’re not forgotten.

Be nice and show them you appreciate their work for your own safety.

That’s all for now.